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When he is small, the child does not know how to spit. The cough leads into the pharynx mucus that it will then swallow and eliminate. This is the most effective way of decluttering. Cough is linked to the presence of infectious or allergic phenomena. As long as it does not interfere with the child, there is no need to worry.
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Your baby 0-1 year

Royal baby shopping: Union Jack slippers

With its Union jack slippers, your baby will have the world at his feet! They are made of natural leather with suede sole and keep the feet perfectly, promoting their natural growth. 22nd (Starchild). Union Jack Slippers With its Union Jack slippers, your baby will have the world at his feet!
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Car seat: CLE remembers safety rules

Curly suitcases, sunshades on the window: you will take care of the details to take the road of the sun as a family. But have you checked the principal? The French Federation of Toy and Crafts Industries recalls that a high-performance car seat remains the best guarantee of children's safety by car.
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Name Hélory - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name: Celts Meaning of first name: Derived from the first name Haelguri, Helory comes from the Breton terms "hael" and "uuobri" meaning respectively "generous" and "wise". Celebrities: Yves Helory de Kermantin or Saint Yves was a priest who dedicated his life to justice and the poor.
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Disney names: Tiana

Disney names: Tiana Tiana (The Princess and the frog) Finally, an African-American princess at Disney! And what a pretty name ... Of Slavic origin, Tiana means the fairy. His birthday: January 12 with Tatiana. via GIPHY To discover:
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