Medard Meaning - Meaning and direction

Medard Meaning - Meaning and direction

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Meaning of the name:


The French politician Médard Brogly (1878-1959), who participated in the Resistance before withdrawing from the political world, the Martinique sculptor Medard Aribot ...

The patron saint of Médard is Médard de Noyon, appointed bishop in 530. He evangelized Flanders and had a great compassion for the poor. It is said that he once gave all his clothes to a blind beggar

His character :

Pacific, altruistic, Medard loves simple pleasures and devotes himself to his surroundings. Volunteer, he knows what he wants but can very well fade to make the happiness of others before his. Often discreet in society, he confides in and gives himself only to those in whom he has full confidence.


Meddy, Mehdi

His party :

The Médrad are celebrated on June 8th.

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