Names Mila - Characteristics

Names Mila - Characteristics

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Origin of first name:

Short, Spanish, Slavic

Meaning of the name:

Dimintutif of Ludmilla. Old Slavic ljudu, the people, and milo, loved, so "loved the people".
In Spanish, mila means the miracle.


French actress Mila Parély (1917-2012), Ukrainian actress Mila Kunis, American actress Milla Jovovich ...

St. Ludmilla was, at the beginning of the 10th century, the wife of the first Christian Duke of Bohemia. Her mother-in-law slew her.

His character :

Sweet and reserved, Mila is nonetheless a volunteer! She acts gently and taking into account the well-being of those around her, but it is not a question of deviating from the goals she has set for herself ... and this from a very young age. Generous, she likes to please his family and meet with family or good company, provided however, to keep his garden secret and enjoy a moment of solitude. Mila is also a lover of art and na nature, passionate about travel and discoveries of all kinds.


Ludmilla, Milla, Milana, Ludmila

His party :

The Mila celebrate on September 16th.

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