Given names: Zoé, Jihane, Eva, Keola, Vivien

Laughs, movement, joy ... it's beautiful life! A word that gave birth to pretty names. Zoe, Jihane, Eva, Keola, Vivien: origin, meaning, date of celebration, derivatives ... all about these names full of vitality.


  • Female first name.
  • From the Greek word zoe, which means "life".
  • In some texts of the Eastern Church, the name Zoe was used as a translation of Eve. It spread quite late in Western Europe. It is found in England from the nineteenth century, but it will be a real success in the years 1970-1980.
  • St. Zoe was, in the second century, slave to a Roman citizen in Pamphylia (the current Antalya of Turkey)). During the persecutions against the Christians, she refused to abjure and her master burned her alive in the oven of her villa with her husband and two sons.
  • His party : May 2nd.
  • Its derivatives: Zoa, Zoia, Zoya.


  • Female first name.
  • Jihane is an Arabian name, of Persian origin, meaning life on Earth in Persian. We meet him in the Middle East and especially in Egypt.
  • His party : no known holiday date.
  • Its derivatives: Jihanne, Jihene.

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