Name Vadim - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Iranians, Persians, Slavs

Meaning of the name:

In its Persian origin, Vadim is taken from the term badian revising in the sense of "anise". In his Russian etymology, this name derives from the Slavic word volod resulting in "rule" or "authority".


French-Canadian actor Vadim (Schneider), Ukrainian musician Vadim Proujanov, Russian violinist Vadim Repine, physicist Vadim Zeeland, Russian actor and songwriter Vadim Piankov and Israeli violinist Vadim Gluzman.

His character :

Eloquent and communicative, Vadim knows how to impose his ideas and convince others to join him. A born leader, he has a real sense of responsibility. A worker, he is as efficient as he is loyal. Able to work alone and in a team, Vadim integrates easily. Bursting with energy, he and the enemy of idleness and always seeks to care.

As a child, Vadim reveals a certain hyperactivity. He needs to channel his overflow of energy by enrolling in various activities: art, sport, music, etc. It also requires good coaching from an early age to find his way. It will flourish in the professions related to power and action. Small, Vadim is interested in science and its innumerable disciplines. Developing an important curiosity from his childhood, he enjoys the solitude to cultivate, to read and learn. Enemy of the half-measure, Vadim is a whole being who likes or dislikes. In his enterprises, he is determined, even stubborn.



His party :

No party known for Vadim.

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