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What if my child refuses to eat?

What if my child refuses to eat?

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Around 12-18 months, many children assert themselves by opposing and meals are often their favorite terrain. How to react ? The point with the book "I raise my child" Laurence Pernoud.

  • Maena's question: "Our son, Mathys, who is 16 months old has always been a little eater, but for some time now, meals have become more and more complicated, and with my husband we have to get together for dinner. You have to find distractions (play, sing) to open your mouth, I tried to stop, but it ends in anger and my mouth is closed, what do you recommend? "
  • The situation that you expose is frequent: around 12-18 months, many children assert themselves by opposing and the meals are often their favorite ground. You have to explain to Mathys that now the meal will unfold differently: you continue to make it a pleasant moment but without playing: play and eat are two distinct activities.
  • If your little boy persists in his refusal to eat, you do not insist and you simply put an end to the meal (without any other dessert or compote). Mathys can eat very little at a meal without risk to his health. And you do not offer anything between meals. This is of course not to be presented as a punishment: stay loving and firm, without dramatizing or conflicting with your child and the situation will be unblocked.

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