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Baby's cold: a necessary evil

Baby's cold: a necessary evil

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Three drops at the end of his nose. Another one of those dreaded colds that may be repeated a dozen times a year. An evil, however necessary!

  • It all starts with a banal sneeze. Your baby's nose is flowing, his two little nostrils are taken. The secretions become thicker. Then it's the turn of the throat to get angry. The fever may appear, as well as a cough often nocturnal. This is the scenario, always the same, which rages in the early days of autumn and throughout the winter. It concerns all children, without exception!
  • However until the age of 6 months, your baby was serene, safe from small diseases. It was protected by your antibodies transmitted during pregnancy, then during breastfeeding. But as the weeks pass, he will now have to defend himself alone.
  • Due to the immaturity of its natural defenses, your infant is particularly vulnerable to infections: count about seven to ten episodes of colds or rhino-pharyngitis a year! Rest assured, these infectious episodes are not "harmful" for your baby. They even contribute to the maturation of the immune system, which takes place on average up to 6 years. Gradually, infections will become rare.

A rule of thumb in case of a cold: wash your nose

  • Your toddler has a big handicap: he breathes mainly through the nose. If it is clogged, it's up to you to release the secretions. Repeated washings of the nose. This method consists in moistening the nostrils with doses of seawater or physiological saline, so as to drain and eliminate phlegm.

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