Your baby 0-1 year

Know how to say no!

Until now, the scope of your baby was too small for him to make real mistakes, and you have to crack down. There, it starts to change!

  • Of course, when he wakes up several times a night for no reason or he drops a toy ten times for you to pick it up, you clearly tell him your disagreement. The message is well received and, as he has not yet reached the age of bravado and is anxious to satisfy you, he bends without too much difficulty to your will.
  • Maintain his excellent disposition by staying firm ... even when you feel cracked by his ingenuous smile.

First steps ... to nonsense

  • Your child will soon walk ... and there, things will change! At the first steps correspond the first domestic dangers, and to the learning of liberty, that of the first interdicts. In addition, its character will assert itself.
  • To know how to say no to one's child is not obvious. If he needs to be guided and to face rules to structure himself, he must also express himself, engage in the necessary experiences for his development. Funny dilemma in truth!

A few tips

  • Provide him with a space where he can evolve safely and without the risk of breaking things: you will limit the opportunities to say no!
  • Do not say no one day and yes the next day. He would be disoriented. It may also beg you on other occasions since it will have worked once!
  • Always accompany your refusals of explanations. He has not yet memorized all the words you use, but he understands without problem the meaning of your words. Only explanations allow him to become aware of what is not allowed. How can he suspect that he is not allowed to touch the buttons on the remote while you encourage him to play with those on his board?