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Breast, baby bottle ... what to do when baby says no?

Breast, baby bottle ... what to do when baby says no?

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A baby who does not want to take the breast after a stop breastfeeding, another who categorically refuses the bottle ... what to do in case of problems with the feeding of his toddler? Answers with "I raise my child" Laurence Pernoud.

My baby does not want breast anymore

  • Theana's question: "My 5-month-old daughter is in exclusive breastfeeding, but I had to take a drug treatment that forced me to suspend breastfeeding for a few days.My treatment is over, but my daughter categorically refuses to breastfeed. I still really want to breastfeed, especially since I continued to draw my milk.What do you recommend? "
  • Your little girl has probably been shocked by this sudden stop and prefers not to take the breast so as not to be deprived again. Surround her with all your tenderness. Start by giving back your milk in the bottle by taking your baby well against you, skin to skin as at birth, then gradually give him the breast when you feel confident.

Impossible to make him accept the bottle

  • Charlotte's question: "Our son, Basile, is 3 months old and I have to go back to work in 3 weeks, we decided to start weaning him to have time, but he categorically refuses the bottle: neither his dad nor me nor my parents can to make a drop of milk drink ... The simple vision of the bottle makes him scream, we feel helpless and do not know what to do. "
  • Your baby is a little lost because he likes to stay in the breast, which is quite understandable. You still have some time. You could have a break of a week to give you both. Talk to him about what you are going to do and then start feeding him a bottle every day a little, without forcing it, first in the afternoon, then progressing little by little. Take your time to accompany this first small separation.

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