Name Joris - Meaning of origin

Name Joris - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From the Greek gen, "earth", and ergon, "work" is the Flemish form of Georges.
Joris, well known to northerners, has spread its fame to the South. It provides the legacy of a great classic: George, patron saint of England but also Scouts around the world, which was worth giving, at the beginning of the last century, more than one boy out of thirty .


Joris Dumery builder of 18th century chimes, Joris Van Der Haagen 17th century painter, Joris Van Spilbergen 16th century Dutch navigator, but also Joris Peusens ice hockey player, Joris Bert baseball player, Joris Daudet cyclist, Joris Marveaux, Joris Colinet, Joris Mathijsen, Joris Van Overeem, Joris Delle, Joris Van Hout, Joris Voest and Joris Di Gregorio all footballers, Joris Voorn DJ, Joris Hoefnage Flemish artist of the 16th century, Joris Jarsky actor, Joris Lacoste and Joris Ivens directors, Joris Eeckhout poet and priest and Joris-Karl Huysmans writer.

His character :

Joris feel particularly comfortable in public, where they can demonstrate their leadership qualities. This personality trait gives them great ease, thus satisfying their need for autonomy and independence.


Jorge, Yuri.

His party :

The Joris are celebrated on April 23rd.

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